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RBAR : Energy

Working hand in hand with the CEO of RBAR, we developed quick content pieces that touched on their values. Showing what is made with their products helped "level up" RBAR's usage of fast media content that helped grow their social media account by 10%.  They still use this content piece and new approach to this day.


Vantage West: Capitol Offense

Vantage West wanted to create something on the ground that put their brand in front of new and old customers. Creating a buzz within the community. Thus, the Capitol Offense campaign was created. A quick, on the ground, content piece was planned that had a video team go out into the community and have business owners confess their biggest financial blunders. 

 A website was developed to show not only other confessions from the local community, but also how they can avoid them. This created a sales funnel for Vantage West to acquire new customers. 20% engagement growth on overall social platforms was achieved through this campaign. 


Vantage West Credit Union : THRIVE

This content piece was one of my favorites to work on with Vantage West. We developed a video series that highlighted stories from thriving local businesses in Tucson, AZ. Each story was unique and shot on location with the goal of the content showing Vantage West's community involvement. This increased overall brand awareness by 20%.


Writing Examples



Everything has been done before. Nothing is original anymore.
Or so people say.
Could it be that the reason has less to do with what we are capable of, and more to do with the fact that conforming to what is familiar is just an easier way out?
Take a look at the movie industry, for example. When was the last time you’ve seen an original idea?
Now, granted the industry has been driven by financial gains for sure. Sequels and superhero movies have become the norm in driving revenue because when you already know what people like, why try anything different?



Warning: This is 100% an opinion piece. With that I ask a simple question: Why does the world hate black people? I ask this not as an accusation, but as a legitimate question. Why does the world hate black people?

I always found it weird growing up. Now, I should note that my experience with this is from a place of privilege. I’m a young black man who has always lived in the suburbs of whatever city I inhabited. I rarely dealt with cops as a kid, and was essentially sheltered by my status. But even though I was sheltered, small bits of reality would pop up in my life.